The DLC System is NOW LIVE!

GET STARTED: Redeeming a DLC code will unlock in-game virtual items for the Steam account (NOT Roblox) associated with your copy of PIGGY: Hunt.

NOTE: Once the one-time-use DLC code is redeemed, the virtual items are permanently associated with your Steam* account and cannot be transferred.

MOBILE (Coming Soon): All redeemed DLC will be available cross-platform (iOS and Android). This means the DLC codes you redeem now will show up in your item shop on mobile!

1. Find the PIGGY DLC Card that came with your PIGGY toy.
2. Scratch off to reveal your code.
3. Go to Steam* (NOT Roblox) and launch PIGGY: Hunt.
*If you don't already own the game, it can be purchased on Steam.
4. Go to ITEM SHOP and hit the PACKAGES button in the top-left.
5. In the bottom-right you will see a Redeem Code text field.
6. Enter your 12-digit code and click REDEEM.
7. The in-game screen will issue your rewards, one at a time, for badges, skins/cosmetics, and/or piggy tokens.

*Steam is the most popular destination for playing games on PC.

COMING SOON: The PIGGY DLC redemption system for virtual items.

We thank you for your patience, but we wanted to get you, the fans, physical PIGGY products as soon as possible. So, we decided to release PIGGY toys before the digital redemption program was fully ready to deploy.

Hold your OINK… the PIGGY DLC redemption system will be launched in the near future and be worth the wait. You will be able to collect achievement badges, skins, and/or PIGGY tokens.

Check back here or sign up to be the first to know when the DLC redemption system is available.

Official Collector's Guide


How To Redeem My Code

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